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Littlies Birthday Catering

Whenever kids hear the word party, their face lit up and excitement kicks in. Furthermore, their imagination works like wonder, and who knows how they foresee a party they will attend to or how much more their own party! However, for the parents, they often feel party planning is a nerve-racking task. No matter how daunting it is parents would like to provide the greatest birthday celebration that they can possibly give to their child. It is the thought of seeing their kid being overwhelmed as the party takes place that inspires them to pull a few strings.

What makes a party a blast and really memorable for the people is the food that they have eaten. For that, let your worries be lifted up. We're here to make your kid's birthday celebration stress-free, memorable and worth every penny. So, take back and relax as we delight your kid and every guest in your list with our littlies birthday catering.

Whatever theme you have for the party and no matter how many guests you have, we are eager to assist you and provide our catering service with delivery to all Australia cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

Sticking on a budget? Why not choose from our Spit Roast Menu such as Roast Beef Party based on 50 guests or more. Served with delicious slow roasted yearling beef with piping hot gourmet gravy, this mouth-watering Roast Beef Party menu will certainly make the kids crave for more. It comes with your choice among 10 freshly prepared salads, continental bread rolls and butter portions.

Do you consider having a finger food menu? Choose from our varieties of finger food platters. Serve up one or more of these platters such as Standard Sandwich Platter, Gourmet Sandwich Platter, Gourmet Wraps Platter, Gourmet Baguettes Platter, Croissants Platter or Sushi Platter. Let those little fingers satisfy their tummy.

For dessert, why not include Chocoholics Delight or Triple Chocolate Petite Cake? Inclusive of Chocoholics Delight are chocolate dipped Viennese fingers, Hockey pokey morsels, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate trusted fingers. Who would say no to chocolate? Well, kids won't say no and adults will have a hard time saying no to this tempting delectable chocolate craving served on a platter.

Do you have other menu on your mind to match your kid's birthday party theme? Customize your own meal from our several offerings on birthday party buffet menu. Take a look at our succulent party menus and choose which will perfectly fit on your kid's birthday party and will surely leave your guests delighted.