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70th Birthday Catering

As any decade birthday is a milestone in any person's life, it's worthy to be celebrated. Note that every birthday is a big gift itself. As you reach 70 years of existence, you are about to enter the golden years. Though restricted with health issues, trying new hobbies and travelling are perfect ideas to keep you busy in these precious years.

You may want to celebrate your milestone birthday in an intimate setup with your family and close friends or throw a grand celebration which will be talk of the town. No matter how you want your birthday party to be celebrated, we from Birthday Catering are responsible to make your birthday party a perfect one. Entrust the food and catering service to us and never regret your decision. We are one of the most trusted and most experienced catering services in Australia.

Celebrate your 70th birthday in a posh hotel or just in the comfy of your home. Wherever your reception is, you may have our catering service with delivery anywhere in Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. Save yourself from being stressed in transporting food from one place to another. Let us give you a hassle-free and first-class catering service you deserve.

Let us serve to your family and friends The Gourmet BBQ from our Barbecue Menu. It comes with Mixed Gourmet Sausages, Satay, Herb, Garlic, Cajun and Kranski, selection of meats - T-bone, Scotch Fillets and Marinated Lamb Chops, Unlimited Seasoned Burgers, Vegetarian Burgers, Chicken Kebabs, a choice of four freshly prepared salads, and a selection of Fresh Tropical as dessert.

Treat your guests with any of these Asian Finger Food Platters such as Chef Mixed Platters, Cocktail Vegetable Spring Rolls, Spicy Malaysian Rendang Meatballs, Mini Beef Dim Sims, Cocktail Vegetarian Samosas, and Vegetable & Black Bean Cocktail Spring Rolls. If you have health conscious guests, you may prefer to also serve any of Vegetarian Platters such as Chefs Vegetarian Selection, Vegetable Nuggets, Mini Frittata Bites, Curry Vegetable Bites, and Water Chestnut & Shiitake Mushroom Puffs.

While having coffee as the party cools down, nibble on Melting Moments, a cafe favourite, delicious vanilla cream, sandwiched between two delightful biscuits or Muffins. Look back on the previous years' memories with your family and friends as you seat down, savouring the joy of warm company.

Customize your own meal from our several offerings on birthday party buffet menu. Take a look on our succulent party menus and choose which will perfectly fit on your 70th birthday party and will surely leave your guests delighted.