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100th Birthday Catering

We have great news for you! We provide a FREE special offer exclusive for 100th birthday party. Avail of our free birthday party catering for 30 guests. Just pay $20 per additional guests.

Celebrating your centennial existence should be really made memorable. It is of great accomplishment to reach 100 years, still healthy and kicking. Through the years, you have met people, have touched their lives, and have embarked memories that are unique and sentimental for each relationship you share with them. Isn't it worthy to celebrate life and gather all those people whom you shared smiles, laughter, stories, wisdom, love and your life? Isn't it great to share the joy among your kin, from all sorts of generation?

Whether it is a surprise party for the old granny or a party you yourself want to make it happen, let those who organize the party or yourself be stress-free and be delighted on our first-rate catering service. We guarantee that we have all that you need for the 100th birthday party's food. It is not only memories that you shared that will linger in your guests' mind but also the food that will leave them appalled and deeply satisfied.

Prepare old granny's ancestral house or rent a place where you can set the party mood among everyone invited. Wherever you want to set the party up in Australia, we can deliver the food and offer our catering service including in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

Serve the Deluxe Surf & Turf Buffet from our Spit Roast Menu or any of our delicious Finger Food Menu. Deluxe Surf & Turf Buffet includes seafood dishes such as Whole King Prawn, Fresh Natural Oysters, Fresh Blue Swimmer Crabs, Marinated Baby Octopus, Marinated Mediterranean Style Mussels, meat dishes such as Oven Roasted Turkey Breast with Cranberry Sauce, Boneless Legs of Pork with Apple Sauce, Boneless Yearling Beef with Mustard, a choice of four freshly prepared salad, Continental Bread Rolls and Butter Portions and Fresh Tropical Fruit Platters. You may have any of our various Chicken Platters, Sea Food Platters, Pastry Food Platters, Asian Finger Food Platters, Vegetarian Platters or Flavours of the World to suit your taste, style and budget.

Customize your own meal from our several offerings on birthday party buffet menu. Choose your favourites and share your own selected menu. Take a look on our succulent party menus and choose which will perfectly fit on your 100th birthday party and will surely leave your guests delighted.